Iconic Style I Royal Air Force Pilot, 1942

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"Removal of person from the United Kingdom" 

What you see here is the envelope that contained my passport which was confiscated for a week. Many others and myself went on a mission trip to Scotland, after we landed as we were going through UK Immigration we were detained for seven hours, where we evoked joy and conversations from the immigration officers as we worshipped and praised Jesus Christ through music and art in their small detainment room. Just the nicest people, seriously. We found out that we were going to be deported four days earlier than our original plan to stay. Two days later, after prayer, praise and one gracious man who wrote a letter on behalf of our team to the Vice President of Scotland, we found out that our case was closed and reopened. The decision was changed, and we were able to stay the whole seven days that we had planned on. God blessed us with one miracle after the other since we landed. The king’s heart is like water in the Lord’s hand (Proverbs  21) God is big, and He gets all the glory. 

PS. Was able to put some #neuarmy prints to use.


Best Camping Shot Ever

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Wood Type Catchwords by P22.